Best Ignition interlock in Lake Charles Louisiana

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Have you received a DWI or DUI in Calcasieu Parish? If you’re now in need of car breathalyzer, Smart Start of Louisiana has the best ignition interlock in Lake Charles Louisiana.

At Smart Start of Louisiana, we understand that people make mistakes. If you recently made a driving error, then you may be required to install an ignition interlock in your vehicle. An ignition interlock or an “iid” is a device like a breathalyzer, installed in a vehicle to deter drinking and driving. When requested, the driver must breath samples into the device. The ignition interlock will then record the test. If the result exceeds the pre-programmed level, the Ignition Interlock Device will will give a signal to stop or not turn on your vehicle. We work with customers just like yourself to help you get your driving privileges back. Smart Start of Louisiana has the best ignition interlock in Lake Charles Louisiana and we’re to help you.

We’ve spent over 10 years ensuring our devices and our process exceed the standards. We use the most sophisticated, feature rich ignition interlock technology available. From the customer’s perspective, we ensure that our devices are simple and easy to use. Our SSI 20/30 features the ability to view your next appointment date and even remaining violations by category. Of course, if you ever need assistance, you can contact us at our local service center located at Consolidated Safety of Acadiana  1401 East Prien Lake Road – Lake Charles, LA 70601.

We pride ourselves in offering top notch customer service, cutting edge technology, and a Toll Free 24/7 Service Line where you can always speak to a real person. If you need to reach us by phone please do so at 1-866-447-8686.  If you’re looking for additional savings, use our online form and save 20% off your installation. Choose Smart Start of Louisiana for the most experienced and reliable ignition interlock provider in the industry.